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Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is the major investigative unit for the Sheriff's Office. High-profile crimes and major crimes including homicides and narcotic related crimes are investigated by this unit. The unit assists local police departments and state and federal law enforcement agencies in investigations. Local agencies have requested this unit to assist in solving a number of high-profile homicides.

The Detective Bureau is also responsible for locating, apprehending and assuring appearance before the court for:

  • Individuals who have been indicted by the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury and have failed to appear in court
  • Individuals who have violated the terms of their bond
  • Individuals who have violated the terms of their probation

If any individual fails to appear in court as summoned, a warrant is issued for their arrest. The warrant, or capias (Latin for produce the body), authorizes the Sheriff or any other law enforcement agency to search for and apprehend the individual. The individual is considered a fugitive once the warrant is issued.

At any given time there are approximately 12,000 individual fugitives wanted for felony crimes in Cuyahoga County.

Sheriff's deputies travel throughout the state of Ohio and the country to return fugitives to stand trial for crimes committed in Cuyahoga County. They also provide assistance to the Court and other municipal Police Departments with the extradition process for these fugitives.

In 1999, new warrants and capias received by the Sheriff's Office totaled 14,284. The unit successfully resolved 15,204 warrants and capias during 1999.

If you have any information on a fugitive please call the Sheriff's Detective Bureau at (216) 443- 6130.