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The Cuyahoga County Corrections Center (CCCC) is the second largest Jail in the state. It is a full service Jail that provides superior care and management of over 26,000 inmates annually.

There are currently two locations, Downtown and Euclid. The Downtown Jail, which is the primary facility, is situated on one-half of a city block in downtown Cleveland at W. 3rd St. and W. Lakeside. It consists of two high rise buildings (Jail I and Jail II) that provide over one million square feet of space. The facility houses all levels of security statuses, from maximum security to weekenders. In 2015, the average stay of inmates was 30 days, approximately 10 days less than in 2014 with an average daily population of 2168.

The CCCC operates a full service Kitchen, Medical Clinic and Pharmacy and provides Social Service programing, all managed by a staff of over 700 employees. CCCC’s partnership with MetroHealth Care has enhanced the quality and level of services provided to inmates. Service lines such as imaging, dental, and hygiene, were increased to complement MetroHealth’s already robust service portfolio and extend in-house capabilities.

The CCCC is managed by a dedicated Executive Staff comprised of the Regional Director of Corrections, two Associate Wardens, Facility Services Manager, Mental Health Services Manager, and Health Care Services Director. The daily operations are managed by Sergeants who oversee Corporals and a complement of around 550 Corrections Officers. Together, this team, in conjunction with a full time medical staff which includes doctors, RN's, LPN's, MTA’s, Psychiatric and Dental services, are dedicated to maintaining a safe facility for our housed offenders.

Highlights of CCCC’s 2015 initiatives and accomplishments

To increase safety and security for both employees and inmates, the CCSD made substantial investments in technology. The most significant prevention initiative was the introduction of the Jails first whole body scanner. The state of the art scanner provides X-Ray quality images in less than 6 seconds. All inmates are scanned during the intake process as the first step in preventing contraband from entering the facility. To complement, a package/baggage scanner was installed in access to detect and deter contraband from entering through the main access point. Further enhancing security, digital surveillance cameras were installed throughout Jail I and currently cameras are being installed in Jail II. The cameras provide another layer of safety and security, expedite investigations of use of force and inmate discipline incidents, and deter inmate on inmate violence and sexual assaults. This project is funded by the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

The first step in regionalization was completed by bringing the Euclid Jail Annex to full operational capacity. The 83 bed full service Jail reduces overcrowding in the Justice Center facility and eliminated the need for Prisoner Board and Care, which subsequently saved County tax payers $1.4 million annually. Completing the Euclid project was essential to moving forward with the Jail regionalization initiative.

To ensure the highest level of service to inmates and public, it is imperative that the CCSD maintains a staff of skilled Correction Officers. To do so, the CCSD initiated an aggressive program to increase current employee readiness and increase new employee’s success rate. An innovative three prong approach to training utilizing low cost/high impact re-sources such as online national certified training, in-house training and formal class room training, was implemented to address individual and organizational training requirements.

Additionally, the CCSD partnered with Cuyahoga Community College to provide all new hires Ohio Police Officer Training Academy approved Corrections Officer training. This training will provide new and existing employees industry best practices and will ensure officers are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction Full Scale Inspection
In November 2015, the CCCC and Euclid Jail Annex underwent the first full scale state inspection. The meticulous three day long inspection reviewed policy and procedures, facilities, training, medical, health and safety to ensure compliance with the new State Minimum Jail Standards. CCCC scored a 90 percent overall with the majority of discrepancies being related to the dated facility design. This was a significant achievement and was the result an intensive six month long preparation project that required nearly every employee to contribute.