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The Cuyahoga County Corrections Center (CCCC) is the second largest Jail in the state. It is a full service Jail that provides superior care and management of over 26,000 inmates annually.

There are currently two locations, Downtown and Euclid. The Downtown Jail, which is the primary facility, is situated on one-half of a city block in downtown Cleveland at W. 3rd St. and W. Lakeside. It consists of two high rise buildings (Jail I and Jail II) that provide over one million square feet of space. The facility houses all levels of security statuses, from maximum security to weekenders. In 2015, the average stay of inmates was 30 days, approximately 10 days less than in 2014 with an average daily population of 2168.

The CCCC operates a full service Kitchen, Medical Clinic and Pharmacy and provides Social Service programing, all managed by a staff of over 700 employees. CCCC’s partnership with MetroHealth Care has enhanced the quality and level of services provided to inmates. Service lines such as imaging, dental, and hygiene, were increased to complement MetroHealth’s already robust service portfolio and extend in-house capabilities.

The CCCC is managed by a dedicated Executive Staff comprised of the Regional Director of Corrections, two Associate Wardens, Facility Services Manager, Mental Health Services Manager, and Health Care Services Director. The daily operations are managed by Sergeants who oversee Corporals and a complement of around 550 Corrections Officers. Together, this team, in conjunction with a full time medical staff which includes doctors, RN's, LPN's, MTA’s, Psychiatric and Dental services, are dedicated to maintaining a safe facility for our housed offenders.

Highlights of CCCC’s 2022 initiatives and accomplishments

CCCC has undertaken an ambitious effort to develop and implement a central booking partnership for the purpose of replacing the current process with a best practice arrest and detainee management system. The mission of Central Booking is to eliminate the current linear criminal justice procedure, that has delays between each step, and engage all relevant agencies together, at the time of arrest, to make better informed, informed, and timely decisions related to the arrest, diversion, charging, and release of arrestees from the custody of the County Jail.

In addition to collaborating with our criminal justice stakeholders we recognize that the Covid-19 pandemic made meeting our objective of providing prisoners with programming to improve their behavior, both before and after release from prison a challenge that we are working hard to overcome. Our commitment to recruiting dedicated, talented, and resourceful volunteers to provide services to inmates under our supervision remains a priority.

Richmond Heights Jail Pilot 
Additionally, the CCCC began receiving the City of Richmond Heights’ arrests at the Euclid facility. The initiative has been a great success, has the potential for substantial cost savings, and provides the city’s police officers more time to patrol the community. The pilot also demonstrates the effectiveness of court video conferencing, which allows arrestees to attend court without leaving the facility.

Enhancing Operations and Safety Through Technology 
The CCCC continues to enhance operations and safety through technical advances.

In 2017, CCCC began transitioning the antiquated phone system to a state of the art communications system. The new technology provides increased accessibility for families while enhancing investigatory tools. Enhancements include:

  • In-Pod Kiosks: The new system includes kiosks in each pod that provides inmates access to phones, commissary, video visitation, medical requests and inmate grievances.
  • Phone Services: Understanding the importance of technology, community connections and convenience, the telephone upgrade allows a number of payment options. All calls are actively monitored either by live and/or biometric software.
  • Video Visitation: Family and friends can visit inmates from their home or cell phones. Family members still have the option to come to the jail, but using the video option will save money and time. All visits are monitored and secure. Video visitation has been rolled out at the Euclid facility, and should be in full operation at all facilities by May of 2018.
  • Online Access to Commissary: The new system will include the capability to access and purchase commissary items for inmates online. These convenient options reduce travel time, expense and wait times at the jail.