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The function of the Civil Division of the Sheriff's Office is to carry out court orders. Presently, there are six (6) departments, Body Attachments, Cashiers, Deeds and Distributions, Executions, Land Sales and Writs. These departments are manned by fifty-six (56) employees to ensure fast, effective means to follow the courts' directions.

  • Body Attachments
    Court orders and misdemeanor arrest warrants issued by Court of Common Pleas on civil cases.
  • Cashiers
    Account for all funds collected by the Civil Division.
  • Deeds and Distributions
    Collects proceeds of Real Property Sales. Disburses funds and issues deeds.
  • Executions
    Seizes and sells Personal Property to satisfy money judgments and also handles evictions.
  • Land Sales
    Sets up Foreclosures and Tax Delinquent sales.
  • Writs
    Serves all summons and subpoenas within Cuyahoga County, including foreign writs.
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