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Offender Unit

Search Methods

Email Alert
You can perform a geographic search (registration required) to list all registered offenders living within a one mile radius from a desired address.

Address Check
To check an address for proximity to a school you can use this proximity search.

Photo Search You can also use the sexual offender photo search provided by the Sheriff's Office.

The Offender Unit is responsible for registering Arson, Sex and Violent Offenders in accordance with state law. Additionally, The Offender Unit maintains and updates the Animal Abuse Registry.

The Offender Unit is committed to registering, updating, and notifying Cuyahoga County of Serious Sex Offenders living in the community, keeping updated information on Adult Sex Offenders on the Cuyahoga County public website for quick access by community members, and investigating complaints against registered Offenders.


Anyone who needs to register, may do so in-person Monday thru Friday between 7:00am-4:30pm.
1215 W 3rd St., Cleveland 44113


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