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MetroHealth Correctional Health Program

Established in 2013, this partnership teams leadership and resources from MetroHealth with Cuyahoga County Corrections Center health care providers to improve treatment for 2,200 inmates at the Cuyahoga County Corrections Center. MetroHealth’s physician medical director, operations director, attending physician, five mid-level providers (physician assistants and certified nurse practitioners), nursing supervisor, paramedic, dentist and dental hygienist augment the facility staff of more than 80 nurses and medical technicians.

A dedicated pharmacy along with specialty services in psychiatry and OB/GYN complement the health care team. MetroHealth’s real-time “virtual visit” telemedicine program, on-site chronic disease program (CDP), expanded in-house x-ray/ultrasound imaging and laboratory support, and ongoing skills training (e.g., wound care, orthopedics, suturing), improve the standard of care while reducing the need for inmate transports to the hospital for services. Incorporation of electronic medical records provides a key link to MetroHealth specialists system-wide. More comprehensive care is provided with an efficiency that lowers the cost of that care for the 70-100 daily patients who have an average stay of 45 days.

New 2015-2016 MetroHealth programs:
  • Dental Suite and personnel - two modern dental areas, support equipment and professional staffing improved throughput by 50 percent while offering preventive care as well as tooth extraction
  • Family Medicine Chronic Disease Program (CDP) - evaluated more than 400 diabetes patients since inception, instituted on-site six-week diabetes self-management course for inmates.
  • Counseling for Substance Abuse - six week program for both men and women
  • Medically Assisted Treatment for Substance Abuse - Vivitrol program in collaboration with Greater Cleveland Drug Court
  • Buprenorphine Treatment - alternative to methadone, for heroin-addicted, pregnant women
  • Job Re-entry - collaboration with Cuyahoga County Corrections Center, The MetroHealth System Human Resources and the community to provide job preparation, mentoring and employment opportunities