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Civil Division - Foreclosure Sales, Subpoenas & Writs

I have heard that a property has gone into foreclosure. However, I have not seen it appear yet on your foreclosure list. How do I find out the status of this property and when it is scheduled for sale by the Sheriff's office?

Call the Sheriff's Civil Land Sales Department at (216) 443-6000 x1226 with the case number. You can obtain a case number by calling the Clerk of Court at (216) 443-7966.

I'm afraid that my home is going into Foreclosure. Is there anything I can do?

I have a question about a property that is up for foreclosure. Who do I contact for more information?

Contact the Sheriff's Civil Land Sales Department at (216) 443-6000 x1226

What do the terms 'No Bid', 'Order of the Court' and 'Bankruptcy' mean? And why are some parcels marked with these terms even before the sale takes place?

All of the above terms mean that the parcel is no longer being offered for sale.
Bankruptcy has been filed on the parcel and the sale has been cancelled
Order of the Court
The Sheriff's Office has received a Court Order not to sell the property.
No Bid
The property received no bids for purchase during the sale and the Sheriff returned the Order of Sale back to the Clerk of Courts
It is not unusual that a particular parcel may be withdrawn well in advance of the scheduled sale date. When this happens the Sheriff's Office does not remove the listing, we merely mark is as 'Bankruptcy', or 'Order of the Court' to show it is no longer being offered.

My home (parents' home, business... etc.) is up for foreclosure and a petition of bankruptcy has been filed in order to have the sale stayed. How do I get the property removed from your sale listing?

Bring or FAX the proper Bankruptcy paperwork to the Sheriff's Civil Land Sales Department FAX:(216) 443-6259. The property will remain on the Foreclosure Sales List but will be marked "Bankruptcy".

I have reason to believe that information on the Sheriff's Foreclosure Sale page is incorrect, how can I get that information corrected/removed?

Contact the Sheriff's Civil Land Sales Department at (216) 443-6000 x1226

How can I go about viewing a property before I decide if I want to bid on it?

There are no allowances for viewing properties before the sale. Please be sure to read the FYI Warning pertaining to Sheriff's Sales.

How can I have a subpoena served in Cuyahoga County?

A party may send two sets of documents to be served along with two copies of instructions for service and a $100.00 deposit (certified check or money order only) made payable to:

Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office
1215 West 3rd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
ATTN: Civil Division - Writs Dept.

Also include a self-addressed envelope for the return of the Affidavit of Service along with the original copy date-stamped by our office. Your refund, if any, will follow.

Cuyahoga County Deputies will attempt to serve your documents in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and with instructions included with the papers to be served. Please specify the method of service you would prefer. Choices of service include:
  • Personal Service - handing the documents to the actual person being served
  • Residential Service - handing documents to a person of suitable age (16 or older) at the residence of service
  • Posting at Location - leaving the documents at the place of service in accordance to State of Ohio laws.
Further questions may be directed to (216) 443-6000 x1226.

What is the best way to contact the Sheriff's Office with a questions not answered here?

Contact the Sheriff's Civil Land Sales Department at (216) 443-6000 x1226