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Arson Offender Registry

Effective 07/01/2013

In 2012, the Governor of the State of Ohio signed into law Senate Bill 70 which enacted sections 2909.13, 2909.14, and 2909.15 of the Ohio Revised Code.  With this ORC, a registry for arson offenders was established and requires arson offenders throughout the State to register personally with the Sheriff of the county in which the offender resides.

According to ORC 2909.15, section F, each arson offender is required to pay a $50.00 initial registration fee and $25.00 annual re-registration fee.  The only forms of payment the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department will accept are certified check or money order made payable to Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Further information relative to the Arson Offenders Registry can found in Ohio Revised Code §2909.13 et seq.